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Each character has their own personal LJ. They can access the Internet, web sites, memes and forums. Because memes and forums are usually on websites.

If you aren't already aware of its existance, For Richer or Poorer Forums is brilliant. The front page takes a while to load, but there's a button to the side that says "Forums".

...Yep. Your characters can read everything on those forums, too.

Interaction takes place mainly through character entries, and comments. Do not actually screen or filter any comments/entries. If you want something to be viewed only by other characters, then put [Screened for {Insert Character(s) Here}]. You can also [Private] things, [Screened From {Character(s)}], and so-on.

If your character wants something 'deleted', but you want it to stay, use strikeout (<*s>TEXT<*/s> without *) and, at the end of the comment/entry, put [Strike deleted]. Alternatively, you can also have [Strike hackable] or just say nothing about the strike, which means that it's just normal strikethrough.

Log RP is also a good thing. Logging is the RP where at the end, it turns out looking like a fanfiction. Post all logs to the main comm, and give us some information. Please put the RP behind an lj-cut, so that the character's FLists don't get crowded.

Basically, the format for logs is;

You don't have to use that exact layout - it's just a guide. Hopefully, it'll give you an idea of what to do.
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