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Ouran - Behind the Scenes RP
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An Ouran manga-based 'behind the scenes' RP.
PLEASE NOTE THAT TO PLAY IN THIS GAME, YOU MUST HAVE READ AT LEAST ONE VOLUME OF THE MANGA. (No, really. You can't play behind the scenes of something you haven't read.)

Watching the anime will not cut it. Main reason being that the Ouran High School Host Club anime and manga have different things happening in them.

Now that that's out of the way;

Ouran: Behind the Scenes

Game Outline: Ever feel like having a chat about something that happened in the manga? Ever wonder just what Bisco Hatori has in store?

Well, I'm sure the characters are wondering, too. In this RP, given that you've filled in an application and been approved, you will play a character of your choosing. It doesn't have to be a Host - any character from any point in the Host Club manga is free game.

Yes, this means fangirls are allowed.

If it's been published in the manga, the characters know about it. The point of this game is to play out how the characters would react to viewing things from an outside perspective. Did Kaoru really want to do what he did with Haruhi? Does the Headmaster know what goes on in the Host Club? Would Ranka like Tamaki more if he saw what the twins did on a daily basis?

How good's their pay? Do they mind what's in their scripts? Do they have relationships outside of what's shown? How do they feel about being little puppets?

That, my dears, is up to you to decide.

Of course, this means that characters are going to be slightly OOC. Hey, that's understandable. Them being completely In Character means that they don't really have any complaints about what they did, and the RP would be more than slightly pointless then, right?

As long as Tamaki isn't going around kicking puppies, Kyouya hasn't set up a shelter for those puppies, the twins aren't stealing the puppies from Kyouya's shelter to give to Haruhi to cook for them, and Hani doesn't really care because Mori's ignoring him again, mostly anything will be fine. If any player feels that you are being excessively OOC, you and I will have A Little Talk. Depending on how that Little Talk goes, you will either stay in the community, or you will be asked to leave.

Please keep all OOC discussion to b_s_x_ooc, and out of the main comm.

*Rules The rules of the game.
*FAQ If a question's only asked once, why is it called "Frequently Asked Questions"?
*Interaction How characters are communicating.
*Applications Apply for up to two characters!
*Taken Characters and Reservations Check before you apply.